“ ...beautiful harmonies .. deeply satisfying ...repays repeated listening” - Roz Cheney (Sounds Australian journal)

“..sensuous rather than cerebral … most rewarding … strongly recommended” - Peter Larsen ( 3MBS Libretto)

“... wonderful in the balancing of ecological and musical structures. Nagorcka has a very sensitive ear for nature..”
- Pauline Oliveros ( New York)

“...wondrous ... the most Tasmanian [non-indigenous] music I have ever heard” - Peter Sculthorpe (Tasmanian born composer)

“...brilliantly effective electronic manipulation ... fascinating ... unique” - New Classics UK

“... a unique, innovative and distinctive voice.” - Larry Polansky ( New Hampshire )

“.. his work with environmental sound, alternative tuning systems, and computer technology is on a par with the most advanced work in these fields anywhere.” - Warren Burt ( composer)

“... passionate, reflective, modern and witty.” - Jack Hibberd (playwright)

“ ... musical, strong, sensitive and fun.” - Bonnie Barnett (radio presenter KLXU Los Angeles)

“…The constant and delightful thread of sounds weaving throughout this CD [‘Devils of the Night’] is the representation of animal, bird and environmental sounds. They keep the heart of the land always at the forefront of attention.” - Elizabeth Scarlett (Artstreams)