Have a Listen

To be a Pilgrim - mp3
trombone, pipe organ, didjeridu

Prelude - mp3
guitar, flute

Echoes in the Magnet Valley - mp3
keyboard music in just intonation based on the call of the Black Currawong

Tarkine Passing - 2 extracts - mp3
electronic music using sounds recorded in Tasmania's Tarkine wilderness

Dancing with the Organbird - extract - mp3
didjeridu & keyboards - based on the beautiful call of the Pied Butcherbird

Tasmanian Toccata - extract - mp3
pipe organ, didjeridu & electronics with the sounds of Tasmanian birds

Zygodactyl Dance - extract - mp3
a playful harpsichord solo (Elizabeth Anderson)

About 3 - extract - mp3
pipe organ & didjeridu

This Beauteous Wicked Place - extract - mp3
didjeridu, harpsichord & keyboard with Tasmanian Devil

Artamidae – a suite of 5 pieces celebrating a family of Australian songbirds - complete mp3 recording
Electronics, didjeridu, trombone, clarinet, flute and fretless electric guitar.

Colluricincla harmonica - complete mp3 recording
Electronic keyboards and fretless electric guitar

A dusky Lullaby for Zoe - complete mp3 recording
Electronic keyboard and fretless electric guitar