Recent & Upcoming Performances

November 28, 2009 Stanley Burbury Theatre, Hobart

Hobart Wind Symphony concert of Tasmanian composers including 'Inya Dreams'.

April 25, 2008 St David’s Cathedral, Hobart

April 26, 2008 St John’s Church, Launceston

These concerts will feature “With myriad degrees of light-dark infusion” - Ron Nagorcka’s recent major work in just intonation,  conducted by Jean-Louis Forestier with Joe Cook (trombone), Karlin Love (clarinet), Melissa Chominsky (cello) and Ron Nagorcka (keyboard).

There will also be music by Russell Gilmour played by the Island Saxophone Quartet, and a new piece by Nagorcka for Saxophone Quartet and didjeridu.

Other music by Ron Nagorcka will include his ever popular “Tasmanian Toccata” for pipe organ, bird calls and didjeridu featuring Norwegian organist David Scott Hamnes.